OEM and Design Development

Features of Tescom Japan

In 2000, we started security business as a manufacturer of video equipment, supplying OEM and ODM to major electronics manufacturers, security equipment manufacturers, and security companies. We have our own professional R&D team and are highly evaluated for technical and development capabilities. Currently, our main business is OEM development and manufacturing, which account for about 86% in sales volume, and TESCOM brand sales only occupy 14% (2018 results).

Global Market Prices with Japanese Quality

Our technology development department are engaged in electronic circuit design (hardware and software) and mechanism design (molds and plastic molds). We have factory in Kyoto headquarters and Shenzhen, China.
We are proud of our unique overseas material procurement network to meet the market price offered by surveillance camera manufacturers in Asia, especially, while being of Japanese quality.

OEM Product Development Flow

STEP1 Proposal

After meeting your desired specifications and target price, you could select our basic module and we would give you the specifications. Custom design is also available, and we can respond to various needs such as price and specifications.

General module(Note1: No initial cost)

  • Camera module

    • Basic Module 4 Types (41 Mega Pixel Class)
    • High-resolution camera modules (1.3M ~ 3.1M)
  • Optional module

    • Power superposition (one-cable) module
    • IP, Encoder (DVR) Module
    • SDI, HD-SDI module (for high resolution)

Note1: Initial costs may be incurred in the case of dedicated specifications.

STEP2 Case selection

Customer can select original cases, body color, silk printing, etc. The design is different from our standard model. In addition to the basic case, we accept everything from design to mold design according to your needs.

General OEM Case(Note2: No Initial Cost)

  • CS-mounted aluminum case: More than 5 types
  • Built-in lens case: More than 2 types
  • Dome case: More than 5 types
  • Other cases for IR cameras, etc.

Note2: Initial cost will be incurred in the case of new modeling and mold design.

STEP3 Evaluation

We provide samples for evaluation prior to mass production. If software is possible to support, customer can add desired functions.

STEP4 Final adjustment

After selection of specifications and case and evaluation of the sample, it will be the process of instruction manuals, etc. We also accept changing packing forms and ordering units even small lots according to customer's request.

Development base

Design & Research & Development (R&D)

Technical Headquarters, Tokyo Branch

We design electronic circuits related to video, mechanical, housing, mold design, image evaluation, etc.

Production Management and Quality Control Department (QC)

Kyoto Headquarters

Production and quality control of mass-produced products will be carried out in the Kyoto head office.

  • Kyoto Headquarters

Production bases

Board mounting (domestic EMS)

Domestic (Our cooperating plants in Yamagata and Chiba prefectures: ISO9001 certified)

We mount boards at ISO-certified factories which server major electronics manufacturers and video equipment manufacturers.

Assembly, inspection and packing

Kyoto Head Office Factory

Our main products are assembled, inspected and packed within our head office.

  • Kyoto Head Office Factory
  • Kyoto Head Office Factory

Shenzhen factory, China

Shenzhen factory performes the same assembly and inspection as the Kyoto head office factory in Japan.

  • Shenzhen factory
  • Shenzhen factory

Service Department

Kyoto Headquarters

Recording equipment overhaul (maintenance) and repair, analyze, and report on returned items.

  • Kyoto Headquarters

Manufacture of aluminum and plastic molded products

Shenzhen, China

We are producing precision molds including surveillance cameras designed by our company or commissioned by other manufacturers through an aluminum molding factory (partner company).

DC power supply assembly

Dongguan, China

This place will be used for DC power supply, board mounting and assembly.

Parts procurement / management and final inspection are conducted in Japan.